From Principal's Desk

Welcome to the web site of Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 21, Chandigarh. It gives me immense pleasure in putting forth a brief replica of aims, objectives, environment, infrastructure, facilities and faculty of the school through this website. We are sure that this website will satisfy the queries of all individuals who harbor a desire to seek more information about the school.

Having joined as Principal I consider myself lucky to have got the opportunity of heading a reputed institute like Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 21, Chandigarh. This school is a co-ed. school and I personally feel that students have a major role to play in nurturing the country. So I have a dual responsibility of looking after the needs of the students of the school and taking the school to the pinnacle of success.

Over the years hundreds of budding scholars have passed through the portals of this school and with each passing year the expectations and the challenges seem to be increasing many fold. It is my sincerest endeavor to mould and redefine education so that we give rise to a generation that is Indian in values but global in competence, techno savvy but trained and encouraged to think creatively. Education should be such that children experience the joys of discovery rather than just be quantities measured by numerical scores or letters of alphabets. All our aims and objectives are thus going to be guided by the aim of increasing the level of performance of the children so that their personal happiness is likely to be greatly improved and in this endeavor the co operation of the parents, the teachers and students is imperative. At Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 21, Chandigarh, we make this possible through active participation of students at all the levels. Be it the choice of courses, introduction of new games or management policies, the students enjoy democratic liberty to contribute in a healthy manner in every sphere. I am sure if we all put our minds and soul into this objective we can surely succeed in creating a learning environment where children are happy and at peace with themselves.

Dr. Surendra Singh